About us

Founded in 2012, Fevolution is a developer and publisher of entertainment software. We at Fevolution imagine the possibilities of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality entertainment fuelled with innovative designs and technologies.

Curiosity drives us to experiment and build products with an aim of bringing joyful and meaningful experiences to our lives. Fevolution aspires to bring social and entertainment to a higher level. As a team of passionate engineers and designers coming from multi-culture, we build products that deliver unforgettable and emotional experiences for our users around the world.

As of now, we have launched multiple VR games and AR puzzle game(with iOS AR kit). In 2016, we established Happical, a design service studio to help partners to advance in 360 degree marketing by applying VR and AR solutions to bespoke occasions.

We love to experiment and adventure.. We explore the hidden possibility within the brain, and dedicate to create unprecedented virtual reality world. By focusing on developing games and entertainment software with VR and AR solutions, we look forward to drive its infinite possibilities and create new horizons for our future.


Feric Feng

Throughout his years in the US, Feric’s original designs and success in the industry had gained global recognition and media attention, including Hollywood film studios. In 2010, Feric has launched Fevolution to create amazing works with world-class design and technology for brands.


Chai Lee

Chai has been providing advices for Silicon Valley technology companies on strategic and financial alternatives as an investment banker at JPMorgan San Francisco. She then moved to eBay, where she analyzed and executed acquisitions, joint ventures, investments, and divestitures across the U.S., Asia, and Europe for eBay and its subsidiaries.


Li-han chen

After receiving his EMBA degree from National Taiwan University, he earned a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo. Li-han loves to invent gadgets and all kinds of interesting products that enrich his life. He has previously worked in multimedia companies and game companies including Avatar Reality, Square-Enix, and DreamWorks.


James Teng

James has been working as a designer and consultant after receiving the Master degree from MIT Media Lab. He was invited to design many large-scale digital media exhibitions and commercial products including websites, mobile apps and TV commercials. At Fevolution, James is in charge of leading the design team in producing innovative product designs and experimental prototypes for emerging technologies.

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